This series explores the infinitely shifting scenes along a section of UK coastline.

Morecambe Bay has particularly awe inspiring topography, weather and light. The area is bestowed with a vast, ever-shifting watery mirror measuring 120 square miles. As a contrast there are the forms and ridges of the Lake District Mountains. Add to this mix the prevailing westerlies moving in weather from the Atlantic, and you have all the elements for infinite visual transpositions.

The myriad effects of reflected and refracted light serves as a playful magician here. Whole mountains may appear and dissolve within minutes or seconds. Distant hills and valleys might momentarily be picked out by a single ray of sun. Lone patches of glorious, fleeting intensity. Whatever configuration of light and weather is experienced on any given day, it is likely never to be seen in quite that way again.


Each painting can be reconfigured online. With a simple mouse-click the painting forms a new combination. With yet another mouse-click, the previous painting is gone forever.

Mathematically each painting has over 479 million combinations. If you viewed one every single second and did nothing else, it would take you 15 years to see every possible configuration.

With special thanks to Richard Cross for designing the website and program for this ongoing series. This series would not have been possible without Richard’s expertise.

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